POV video from Shanghai Disneyland's Tron lightcycle ride


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I really wish they hadn’t canceled Tron 3 production. Tron Legacy was the only movie that felt most appropriate to watch in 3D.


It appears to not really try to reproduce a lightcycle experience at all, other than putting “wheel” circles on the train cars—I’d expect straight lines (above all, straight lines), sharp high-g turns, and near-misses with other vehicles, but instead, it’s just a curvy, relatively low-g roller coaster that adopts a Tron aesthetic. It looks like a brilliant execution of the aesthetic, though. It’s kind of a shame to so badly mismatch the expectation they set up by choosing to call it a lightcycle ride.


When was this, why, and… God… Freaking. DAMNIT.

I liked legacy.


It looks amazing. When I first saw a clip of it, I thought someone was showing me a cutscene from a new Tron game. “No, this is the ride.” I agree with the guy riding it: OOH SHIT!


No right angle turns? Boo.

Aside: I enjoyed Legacy, but I didn’t like the light cycle bit. Not a patch on the original.


I think the big differentiator here is that you sit upon the bikes, tron-style, which I imagine gives it quite a different feel as you’ll be going around that course head-first.


Ooh, I didn’t catch that from the video. That justifies the name substantially more than I thought before. Neat!


I literally got a rush just watching this video full screen on my 12" screen. I NEED to go on this ride!!!


Reminds me too much of that horrible Speed Racer movie. Plus, your view is of someone’s butt the whole time.


Butts are covered by futuristic butt guards/seats when you sit down. The view is of TRON-esque dashboard with identity disc.


It appear the “disc” is really over your back, with a “thong” piece attaching it to the seat. Not a whole lot of butt coverage.


First thing I thought when I saw this. TR3N could have been great.


The final sequel to TRON ought to be the corresponding command: TROFF.


The folks involved in Tron 3 said that its production would depend on home video sales of Tron Legacy and the ratings of the Tron Uprising show. Tron Legacy did really well, and Tron Uprising was highly rated and won tons of awards, so Tron 3 was greenlit. But it was cancelled at literally the last minute, after sets were being built in Vancouver and preproduction was underway. Disney claims they never officially greenlit it, but the truth is likely that the Tomorrowland movie underperformed and Tron 3 was a casualty.


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