UNC's student paper publishes stunning front page showing texts during shooting

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This headline and article needs to read aloud into the record in every legislative branch in the country.


That front page is horrifying. And appropriate and magnificent. And horrifying.

I found out late last week that the generally nice and boring suburban school my son teaches at caught a student with a gun in the beginning of the week. Apparently it couldn’t be disclosed as he was considered a suspect in a random, unsolved shooting over the weekend in a nearby city.

We were beyond thrilled when he got this job, moving from a school with not only gun issues but actual teachers killed after hours at a general get together for no apparent reason to a nice calm, fairly well to do suburb which actually seems to care about its students.

Shouldn’t happen anywhere, and much less in schools. I hate that my grandchild has to learn active shooter drills in the same way I learned to duck and cover.


That sounds more like the illusion of safety because you thought it was a “good” school instead of a “bad” school. You’re facing the reality that nowhere in the US is safe from gun violence.


I saw a story or a tweet or maybe a tictok or something not that long ago about a mother that texted her daughter “I love you” in the middle of the day. The daughter flipped out and started texting and calling and asking if mom was OK. She said “Mom, that’s what people text when there’s an active shooter.”

With two kids almost in college. I’ll just be sitting here reading this story, thinking of that text story, and silently sobbing.


Without question - we allowed ourselves to relax because we felt it would be safer.

It shouldn’t be this way.


The sad similarity being that neither drill is very effective in stopping the problem…

The saddest difference is that while no one actually ever had to duck and cover through a bomb, thousands of children have had to attempt to shelter through someone murdering their friends in front of them. But hey let’s focus every legal action on saving blastocysts and embryos while letting real living children get brutally murdered or traumatized for life.

Damn this topic enrages me…

Good on this paper for not sugar coating it.


My older granddaughter graduated 2 years ago from Francis Marion University with a BS in Nursing. She was working in the Emergency Room of a SC hospital, but changed to oncology because she couldn’t take dealing with so many children coming in torn up by bullet shots. It broke my heart that she chose working with children undergoing the ravages of cancer treatment because, as she said, she felt like there was hope that these children had a future.


Yeah well wait until you see what kids text when they learn they have to wear mask in schools!1!!1!

My library is having active shooter training for the staff in September. This was already scheduled before other libraries in our county started getting bomb threats. I’m in IT and we have a filter such that the IT director and I both get copies of any email with certain key words in the subject or body, so we’re both seeing a lot of the discussions about both of these, even if they aren’t directed to us. (This is an announced and known policy.)

I’ve read through a lot of those this morning, both for bomb threats and shooting reactions, so I’m sitting here wondering what I’d text in that situation. My nesting partner works in the same library as I do, only in a more accessible office. (She’s not on the public side, but there are a lot fewer locking doors between her and the outside.)

Did the math: that’s one gun death ever 13 minutes, 46 seconds.

Yeah. Fun times.

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