Undercover investigator: Facebook moderators were instructed not to remove racist far-right material

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Wow, just… wow.


parading as truth…

I have never seen this expression before. Is it a thing, or a malapropism?

Look, Rob, Zuckerberg is trying to keep those MAU numbers up. You can’t expect him to do that when he’s banning posts by “very fine people”, now can you?


That’s definitely an expression.


Good, I hope FB starts putting up nazi/fascist iconography on their main page. At the rate they’re going, intelligent conversation and organizing efforts will live on in other media and FB’s reputation will become reduced to that of 4chan.

“I’m only on FB for the games,” or “I’m only on it for baby pictures” is a reply I’ve been hearing since before this was such a mess: I suspect there’s a lot of decent people who have known for a while that FB is a breeding ground for the reality-divorced, but haven’t quite found the impetus to quit.

Give it time, at the rate they’re going, when the meat really starts to rot only the maggots will stick around.


I’ve been thinking about the Ark ships a lot the last couple years.


Link to tweet


It’s weird to me that people seem to think the equivalent of a CB radio crossed with the personal ads in the paper should somehow be a valid source of trustworthy information.

@jetfx, you do realize that organizations exist that infiltrate, track and report on US nazis, right? You can get real information from organizations that I and many other Americans fund. You don’t have to trust some self-aggrandizing twit.


And yet still people and businesses are still using FB.

Is aiding and abetting Nazis not enough reason to quit?


I’ve never used and never will use facebook so I don’t get this

let’s say facebook literally had millions of neo-nazi users posting garbage

how exactly is this their fault or responsibility if they are an open service?

I guess the problem is a moral responsibility if they were profiting from it?

but wouldn’t they only be responsible to remove it if someone else reported the content?

not sure how this will be fixed, are people calling for moderation legislation?

aren’t you worried that small websites will be caught in an impossible dilemma where they cannot have comments or forums because they cannot provide 24/7 moderation at a sufficient ratio of users to moderators?

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No matter how hard I try, on some level, I just can’t understand why some people want this… shitfest… Do they just want the world to suck so that everyone is as miserable as them? Why not just die then? Not decent enough for that I guess.


Sad to say, spite is a major part of what drives them.


Pretty much what I’ve seen. Enjoy a thing and someone will be mad that they didn’t get the nice thing and that its not fair that someone else got something. Why yes, that does sound like arrested develoment (and I don’t mean the series)


You are being lied to. The mouthpiece of the 1% never outright tells you, “this is what you believe”, instead they say, “this is what your neighbors believe”… Meanwhile telling them similar bullshit about you.

No one wants this, we are just told someone else wants it, and we have been out-democrfied


As depressing as that sounds, I find it the most hopeful scenario.


So what do WE do? Vote for a start. VOTE! Youth! Get your ass not to Mars, but into the voting booth. All of ye! ALL OF YE!!!

Also, look up from your phone, the sky is blue, water is wet, Trump is an incompetent, racist, misogynist asshole.
Vote now or the next asshole may actually be competent.

Vote like your life depends on it, because it sure seems like it does.

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What a pic! The lifelong rage and fear warping the features of both men into an unpleasant mask, mirroring each other. Creepy and illuminating.