Underside photos of horses standing on glass


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Such Rule 34


I’m surprised the horses would even stand on glass like that. They are weird animals. Any dumber and riding one would be a suicide mission. Any smarter and they wouldn’t less us ride them.


So how do you explain elephants? (For the record, I put them in the “smarter” camp.)


Pretty sure that is also a viable Clue victory condition. :thinking:


Um, no thank you.


These photos make me feel very… unsafe.

It’s unsettling that part of my brain is telling me that a horse could fall on me out of my laptop screen.


Is this some sort of fetish thing like no panty japanese restaurants?


I can’t explain elephants.


Derivative tripe.

The Cat Scan

Edit: 1999 archive of cat-scan.com


I’m not gonna even click. Your onebox provided my surfeit of mirth for the day.


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