Meet the world's greatest horse photographer


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Horses are awesome creatures. Kudos to those who can capture them with brilliant photography.


An image search for the photographer’s name yields a shitload of awesome pics.


Shouldn’t that be a horseshit-load of awesome pics?



I knew it wasn’t going to be, but for just a moment as I clicked I was hoping the photographer was a horse.


The Houyhnhnm are not interested in photography other than for purely documentary purposes, as aesthetics often lead to vanity, an emotion alien to Houyhnhnm psychology.


I’m going to troll a little here and mention that I really don’t like horses. I find them aesthetically challenged with skinny legs, outsized barrel-like bodies and scary elongated heads. Psychologically, although they are huge and dangerous, many of them seem incredibly skittish and insecure. A terrible combination. They seem to be especially fragile with “shoot” being the main recommended medical intervention. They are eye-wateringly expensive to own and care for. Horse-sports mostly seem very dangerous and cruel. Dressage, while not dangerous, is unpardonable.



About the dangerousness of horses: Many humans interact with them without realizing that horses’ instincts are those of a prey animal, one that’s ready for any shape/shadow around them to suddenly manifest as an attacking mountain lion. I read one of Temple Grandin’s books on animal behavior, and it was illuminating (to me, anyway…) on this point of large animals sometimes reacting with the instincts of prey animals.


Interesting. That makes sense.


Who ever heard of a horse photographer? Their hooves wouldn’t crush the cameras?

Horses should really stick to the fine arts.


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