Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition




The best learning experience I had when I began to explore photography! I gift this at least twice a year to anyone that asks me about photography and is interested in taking their next steps.


Is this one of those books where the paper version is likely to be more useful than an ereader’s rendition? Or i the printer just as likely to take liberties with color management?


I have read edition 3 via e-reader, I keep edition 2 on hand in print. I started with the 2nd edition. I would say it depends on how much you think visually vs conceptually and your own personal rating of your experience as a photographer.

This is the land of serious conjecture…

If you believe you are well acquainted with these 3 (4+ Whitebalance in digital) major levers of exposure control, this book will teach you a few new technical tricks you will enjoy. If you are a beginner and have never heard of Aperture or F-Stops or ISO vs ASA, etc – You should get the paper copy. I think the diagrams will be more helpful off e-reader.

When it comes to auto and motorcycle repair manuals, cookbooks, magic books and things where I am DOING something with the knowledge being shared via the book – I like a hard copy book. I am currently taking a break from making hamentashen and the recipe is on the iPhone. I hate working with it.


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