Watch how librarians digitize a 6-foot wide book


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an old method…


That lighting setup is gong to be hard to control.


well I was using metered only light with the extremely useful LX metering up to 125 secs

actually display was was set for this exposure though


In all fairness, it was really a photographer that did 90% of the work.


Their video “Watch how librarians vet and hire a photographer to digitize a 6-foot wide book” was not as interesting.


Why don’t they just buy it in paperback?


You can probably see that the entire studio was set up to rather precisely control the light. I think you could call the two floods on either side of the book a form of rake lighting,

The problem is that the book must be evenly lit… And actually solving that problem can mean that you’re 95 percent of the way there. It 's not just a matter of getting a pleasing range of tonalities–the page has to be perfectly legible.


square without distortions helps too


A copy stand helps with that.

Some tripods have a reversible center pole which might also be useful.


I liked the bendo tripod it can be used with the camera up-side-down
or just very low to the ground


I’m planning to buy the eBook version just as soon as someone invents a Kindle as big as a queen size mattress.


There’s a Kickstarter for that.


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