Unevenly distributed future: America's online education system

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It’s a “buyer beware” world out there kids.


The data in this report groups for-profit online universities with courses offered online by places such as Harvard, but it would probably be wise to keep them separate.

Besides causing students to take on a lot of debt, degrees from for-profit universities are (surprise surprise) valued no higher than degrees from community colleges. And community colleges can be flexible enough to accommodate students who might otherwise need to turn to online education.


Too bad he didn’t address the stark difference between for- and non-profit schools. Some of the biggest for-profit colleges are under investigation for inflating their post-graduation employment numbers, and the very same supply-based inflation effects them as other schools. I wouldn’t much mind if somebody got it right, served people well and made a profit. But they don’t teach that in B-school I suppose.


The wage premium that American workers receive for graduating from college has vanished, but the punishment for not attending college has only increased.

Well, ummmm, yeah. Another way of saying that millions of jobs which did not require a college degree, now do.

But if the solution to that is to send millions more people to college, that’s akin to fixing potholed roads by buying every car owner new shocks and tires every year.

That or saying wages have been going down across the board.

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