Unicorn Chaser, [semi] Rural Edition

Everybody likes chicks, right?

We started with sixteen hens and have lost half of them to predators, so after examining various options, ranging from a rifle to a donkey, we decided to even up the odds by natural means… we launched Operation BBC which adds twenty hens (ten white, ten black, two brown) and ten large black roosters.

We had recently built a bin on the back corner of the barn so we could start buying pine shavings in bulk, as a truckload doesn’t cost much more than a bag. But suddenly ~thirty chicks needed to be kept warm and dry, so that became the only world they’ve known, until this weekend. We dextered up the stall adjacent to their bin, and gave them their own private gymnasium so they can learn how to operate their poultry suits.

Here is a clip from their first day of Flight Training. More to follow, as appropriate.


Chicks dig it!


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