Unicorn duct tape


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/09/unicorn-duct-tape.html


Rob, I feel like you’re being awfully specifically defensive. :confused:


It might be good to help with that strap-on horn though.


Preach! Reinforced foil tape FTFW.


Unicorn tape would be more festive.


What about low-budget unicorn repair?



Yeah, it really should be unicorn duck tape. (Surely there is an image of an unicorn duck.)


It’s rolling the wrong way. That’s magical.


Your humble wish is the globalized world’s command:


Or you could have a narwhal duct tape wallet.



It’s like Rule 34, but not porn. Is there a Rule 35?


I counter unicorn duct tape with a duct tape unicorn!


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