United Nations to brief press on Syria Saturday, 12:30pm ET


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Just watch. They’re going to announce US aggression will not be tolerated, and any missile strike will be met by an invasion force of UN Peacekeepers.


How can this occur? I’m a bit surprised at the attempt by the US Government. Is it arrogant hubris, heroic stupidity, religious fervor, neoliberal extremism (the ghost of Milton Friedman acting Beyond Teh Grave!), or a conflation of all four?

Where have you been the last 10-20 years? All of the above, except Friedman. How did he sneak in there?

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Milton Friedman was very much against this kind action. Say what you will about his economic theories, but in terms of foreign policy (not to mention civil rights and criminal justice), he was far more liberal than the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Ooh, I know, instead of announcing we’re going to spend a couple billion blowing people up, we’re actually going to take care of the refugees!

Oh. . wait. . no, that would make sense and be humane … never mind, my bad.

Tell that to Allende and Chile, lol.

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Friedman never supported the overthrow of Allende, despite his opposition to Allende’s economic policies. He gave a brief presentation to Pinochet, the same one he gave to Communist dictators all over the world, and he never took any money. He described Pinochet’s rule as “terrible” and “despicable.” The idea that Friedman benefitted or profited from the overthrow of Allende is a myth, as based in fact as claims that Reagan was a small government conservative.

So, like I said, in regards to foreign policy, Friedman was more liberal than the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Anyone else watch this?

It didn’t really seem to say a whole lot. The inspection team is back but they haven’t finished their analysis yet, and it won’t pinpoint who launched the attack when it is finished.

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