TOM THE DANCING BUG: Nate the Neoconservative Gets It, and You Don't!

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LoL, it’s true, demanding action always gets a more favourable response than demanding thought.


All you have to do to convince most Americans is act like you really, really know what you’re talking about.


I know it’s hard to pick just one neocon to make Nate look like, because there are so many who are so wrong on everything, yet still get listened to. From Bill Kristol to George Will to Charles Krauthammer to (shudder) Karl Rove, they get EVERY POSSIBLE THING wrong, yet never get called on it. Apparently conservatives really ARE that stupid.


If only we held our pundits to the same standard as our meteorologists;


Barring that, bloviate loudly and insult the nearest blonde woman. You’ll get cheers galore.


Or, to put it another way, this is why Republican conservatives are idiots.

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There’s a little screen in the elevator where I work that displays ads, weather reports, stocks-related stuff, and incredibly inane bullshit “leadership tweets” from CEOs and “leaders.” They are all one flavor or another of “Try pretending your peons have something useful to say! Peons love that shit, and it makes them work harder, and be less likely to complain and ask for raises!” but occasionally one will float by that’s a version of “Make a decision, any decision, even if it’s totally fucking wrong! Studies have proven that people who rise to leadership positions are those who make a decision the quickest, and are the most confident about their hollow fucking leadership skills.” anyway, this reminds me of that.


Needs more Lord Humungus.


I love the single-quote eyes in the third panel.

A good amalgamation of Bill Kristol and Donald Rumsfeld. Between the two of them, there’s not much that they haven’t been wrong about.

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