TOM THE DANCING BUG: On Iraq - W.W.J.H.D.? (What Would Jeb Have Done?)

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… as is often the case with Mr. Bolling’s work :smile:

If this wasn’t already linked or found on BB, then it should be:

And, quite frankly, I’m amazed that people are even considering him as a possibility. Buuuut, then I consider Mrs. Palin’s dumbtastic attempt to become VP and I’m not amazed any more.


The nucleus agenda of the Jebby camp is to baffle the USA with ~bull~shiit!
Time to re-think that strategy!


Are comic strips supposed to present objective, unvarnished truth? I thought they were supposed to be about big-nosed guys on tiny desert islands, or little men from outer space with big noses.


Well, this kind of rationale is exactly what will work with conservative voters. Any reasonable person would admit that ISIS wouldn’t be around if the iron fist of Saddam Hussein was still running Iraq, but then that means you are suddenly fond of a guy we were calling “the next Hitler” a decade ago (ignoring that we supported him all through the 80’s because he was fighting Iran.)

So now we are hoping Shiite militias loyal to Iran are going to rout ISIS . . .

. . . and around and around we go.

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The PKK are fighting against both Da’esh and Iran and they say they are libertarian. Surely they would be ideal for Republicans to support?

The PKK is the Kurdish Workers Party. I don’t think they’ve ever identified themselves as “libertarian.”

They’re not libertarian-capitalist, I admit. But it’s not like Saddam Hussein or Iran share many beliefs with the Republicans.

I just though that they may be able to lie to themselves about this too.

It would certainly be a weird state of affairs if the GOP ever openly embraced a group that has defined itself as Marxist, complete with red flags and red stars.

I don’t think most conservatives would ever entertain the idea that ISIS exists because of the US war in Iraq. They just know that ISIS exists now, and Obama is President now, so it must be his fault.


There’s only one Jeb you should be listening to:


Truly Jedediah Kerman is a credit to his race, and a planetary hero.

You had to post that, didn’t you? I accidentally put Jeb into a hyperbolic orbit and still feel guilty about it…

People that do what they want for their own personal power trips. We just live here

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