ISIS terrorist suicide bomber kills at least 30 people in Iraq soccer stadium

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Dear World:

I’m so sorry.

An American.


Yeah lets invade this middle eastern country with borders imposed by the western world after WWI to ‘get revenge for daddy’/set up our oil firms. What could possibly go wrong with creating that kind of power vacuum?

Dear Iraq most of us were really against this mess from the beginning… sorry.


We marched against the war but Blair and Campbell went for it regardless, against the advice of their own senior army officers. They had no idea of an exit strategy, hell, they had no strategy other than let’s swing our big dicks along with GWBIII, Cheney and Rumsfeld. We’re complicit too.


Where’s the superimpose-the-Iraqi-flag-over-my-profile-picture app?


I keep hoping that we will learn there was some cruel, cynical master plan underlying the last decades of war; that there is some secret cabal driving forward their intricate and blood plans. I suspect it was just a bunch of fuck wit populist politicians waving the flag and acting like the “Big I Am”, with no thought beyond tomorrow’s headlines.


One of the theories being posited is that ISIS/Daesh is resorting to these suicide bombings against it’s enemies right now, including both the west and other Muslims, because they are facing major setbacks. You can look at this as some kind of victory for ISIS/Daesh because they killed a lot of civilians in Belgium and Iraq, or you can look at it as an attempt to inflict damage internally when the battlefield isn’t going their way.


Even the name suggests it. If you get a power vacuum, it will suck.


Well, that goes for a lot of history. The fact that the Middle East, Ireland, and many of the world’s other problem areas, are run by populist politicians of defective conscience doesn’t excuse the West - we claim to be culturally superior.
My suspicion is that when it comes to getting the attention of most politicians, whether foreign (or domestic…) policy is ethically right is of far less significance than the latest opinion poll. After a brief flirtation with democracy we’ve basically gone back to being run by professional politicians who are fixated on power and money, and media anxious to distract our attention from the fact because the reporters and owners come from the same social group.

Yes, the Kurds and the Syrian Army now have Russian air support and the Syrian Army has T90 tanks. Daesh isn’t too anxious to face those, so killing civilians may make more sense to them.

But, and this isn’t I hope simply whataboutery, in WW2 when the Allies were winning, that ghastly man Harris had a policy of bombing civilians. He killed a lot of aircrew unnecessarily and the US couldn’t get him to focus on military targets despite the possession by the RAF of the extremely effective Mosquito stealth bomber, which the RAF’s own statistics branch estimated was nearly 6 times as effective per £ of cost than the heavy bombers.

We can’t exclude the possibility that, like Harris, the leaders of Daesh are simply motivated by stubbornness and hatred, and stuff military effectiveness.


I was referring to the West :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the conspiracy is right there in open: oil.

to paraphrase a person far less wise than us all: “let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that they don’t know what they’re doing. they know exactly what there doing.”

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But is the plan to shut down oil production in the Middle East? If it is, I hope Elon Musk is at the head of the cabal because he’s got such a perfect Bond villain name.

It’s right there with the Turkey one from last week. Facebook doesn’t seem to have noticed this event.

We live in the mirror universe, where the James Bonds are bent on world destabilization and the Bond villains are trying to save the world.


It’s Dune. They want to kick the Baron off Arrakas.

This is the part in Dune where they disrupt the spice trade.

I am super.excited about the Sand Worm part. And the weirding way of course.


What?!? I thought Muslims only attacked ‘Christians’!! You mean terrorists attack anyone they disagree with?!?!?

Sarcasm aside, I keep hoping that we as a species will move past the whole ‘My God is better than your God’ and just live together as friends.

Why would there be? Let’s be honest here. If I wake up in the morning and find poop in the toilet, it’s not that big a deal. If I find poop on the kitchen counter, well, that’s a big deal.


It was a coalition of a bunch of conflicting groups and ideologies who could all agree that attacking Iraq was a good idea. And had very different mental pictures of the conflict and aftermath.

They were all wrong.

The winners of the Iraq war are the folks getting paid trillions of dollars. We know how much it cost because we wrote the checks. All that money wen’t someplace… and provided hundreds of billions in profits. Cost Plus no bid contracts.

Plenty to buy all the laws up and lobby congress and keep this conflict going perpetually… and have that be only a teeny percentage of the cost of doing business.

The Iraq war is a money making enterprise.


Kinda glad I’m not the only one trying to stay informed on this beyond the “everything is the fault of the West”

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