United Nations was hacked in July 2019 and kept it quiet, despite its own staff being at risk

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“If there are no consequences for the [UN] agencies for failures like these … there will be more breaches.”

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“As long as we keep it quiet until the next election, we’re fine.”

The UN has a dangerous history of putting the interests of its members states and its institution ahead of the interests of its staff members. In 2017 my friend Michael Sharp was assassinated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the UN made little effort to seriously investigate the situation due to its sensitive relationship with the DRC. Instead they chose to stand by while others subtly cast blame on the UN group of experts themselves rather than those who planned and carried out the assassination and a shoddy coverup. You can read more about the story here: https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/11/27/congolese-cover-up-un-congo-murder-zaida-catalan-michael-sharp/


They tolerate rape, so I am unsurprised they’d fail to disclose a teensy little computational coronavirus issue. The UN does a lot of good work, but like many large organizations sometimes people value the prestige of the organization over justice for victims of an employee.

Neither being hacked nor assaulted is something to be ashamed of. Both are violation of autonomy, and should be presented in the open, without shame, so the criminals who violate boundaries can be brought to justice.

Given their handling of the Haitian Cholera reintroduction incident; it’s hard to be too surprised by some mere IT face-saving.

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I read that entire article about your friend and his coworker.

What was done to them was done by animals. I already had very little faith left in the UN even though the concept I am completely behind, but when Russia, China, and several other countries hostile to human rights belong to it this is another nail in its coffin.

I am truly sorry to read what happened to your friend.
No one should have to die like that.

There are too many power hungry belligerent people with weaponry and no education in the world and I would do anything I could to remove them from it for the benefit of the rest of us. What makes me really sad is ultimately I have no idea how to make things like this stop.

I sincerely wish your dreams to be only of happy memories and not of the horror I read about. I wish you peace, I hope whoever is to blame I don’t care if it’s a country I hope that Justice is done somehow

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Having worked for the UN in several countries and in different agencies there is no tale of UN incompetence that surprises me anymore.

It’s important for us all to remember that these atrocities were performed by humans. It’s easy to explain away violent acts by branding the perpetrators as other-than-human.

Not intended as an attack against yourself, just speaking generally.

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