Days before elections, the official in charge of Kenya's voting machines has been tortured and murdered

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So it appears that they wer able to appoint an honest man in charge of elections. That in itself seems like an accomplishment, even if they werent able to keep him alive.


That’s the optimistic assumption. It could be that he was biased against any sufficiently violent faction. As we slowly approach the edge of a non-working, tribal political system, it is instructive to see what is on the other side.


Thank God that could never happen here…right? it couldn’t could it?


Dear USA:
Go no further down this path.
Love, everyone.


We don’t have to torture any commissioners here. We’re a little more subtle, and can jut hack the machines.

Until a few days ago i’d have said no.
Because you were less of a “kidnap and torture democracy” and more of a “front stabbing democracy”.
Now however, i don’t know anymore.

I think for the US, that edge was crossed in 1963, and weve never looked back since.

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