Kenya's Parliament erupts into chaos as government rams through brutal "anti-terrorism" law




It’s good to see such an empathic response. While, in the US, no government employees even pushed each other around over torture.


Too bad that its not that outrageous to think that the USA has a hand in a proposition as outrageous as this.


Possibly because we actually did allow the indefinite detention of American citizens, including a suspension of habeas corpus, as the result of the NDAA’s 2012 provisions. Maybe it would have been more civilized if our government reacted like this!


What is the point of fisticuffs in this situation? Does the winner of a fight get to change the loser’s vote?


Evening up the score with bloodied noses, so it does not have to be done later with petty obstructionism.


“the new law, which allows the government to imprison suspects for 360 days without charge”

Of course, the US has been holding a bunch of people for about 12 years without even the vague intention of eventually charging them.


YouTube video or it didn’t happen.



When your voice fails, sometimes you have to resort to violence to ensure the future of your people. For an example, please read about the American Revolution.


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