United States Postal Service issuing Mister Rogers stamp


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I thought Fred Rogers preferred to send correspondence through a private delivery company instead of the US Postal Service.



To clarify, these stamps are also good outside The Neighborhood.


Just in time for the movie.   Hmmm, what an astonishing coincidence.


Its a little dusty in the neighborhood today…


We need more Mister Rogers, now more than ever.


No one is more deserving. Thanks, Mr Rogers.


it is just the design shown? or is he with a ton of characters from the Neighborhood? either way, i’m gonna buy a TON of these.


I’m going to buy some of these, just so I can have a picture of Mr. Rogers that says Forever


March 20.


Fox News is going to be pissed


This went by in Saturday’s paper:


I miss Mister Rogers. His show was one my favorites as a kid.


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