Universal, having learned nothing from its "dancing baby" ass-kicking, is once again attacking Prince fans

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Lawyers making money, that’s all this is about.


And abuse of the DMCA to intimidate, too.


Slow AI.  

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There seem to be a few of those. I suspect there’s lawyers whose job it is to look for copyright violations and sue. Janitors sometimes clean things that aren’t really dirty. Lawyers sometimes try to bring cases that aren’t really violations.

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FTFY :sunglasses:

Price. AKA, the former artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince. Because record companies.

okay make that 500,001 views…

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Dude! We absolutely know that corporations are people too (ask Mittens), which means, by fucking definition, that they are, by law, sociopaths. What were you expecting? Ethics, morality…sanity??

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It’s not about right or wrong… It’s about billable hours. --lawyers

They have a Department of Hey, Can’t We Sue Someone For Something.

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Universal, dickbuckets since… ever?

I really, really hope that there are no lawyers involved in the process of Universal submitting DCMA takedown notices to Youtube.

I can’t imagine any organisation would waste actual legally trained people on that kind of job.

It’s the sort of job that screams trained monkey or crappy bot.

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