Universities fought unionization's 'one-size-fits-all' using identical arguments


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Gee… I wonder why that is… Couldn’t be some sort of coordination going on behind the scenes… After all, private liberal arts universities are dens of liberalism, right? Must be a coincidence, right?


Odd. As a Conservative I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’s Universities and their Ivory Tower Elitists lording their power over the Common Man (where I take the side of the little guy), but on the other hand it’s employers v labor (where I take the side of the Job Creators).


Hey, they’re arguing that people can’t organize—not that corporate persons can’t organize. No inconsistency there!


Corporations are more people than people, I guess. Welcome to Trump’s America!


Collective bargaining, meet “collaborative arguing.”


At least Princeton reworded it enough that proving plagiarism wouldn’t be immediate.


So if I found my university using this wording, and I forwarded it to the Office of Academic Integrity, that would just be me being helpful, right?



Employees discussing how to work together: Evil, Godless Communists that will destroy the world and must be stopped/killed/incarcerated!

Owners and managers discussing how to work together: Just some like-minded folks who have nothing but good intentions for society.

Corporations are people, everyone else is a legal fiction.


When you see identical statements like this, good chance they were written by ALEC.


I love how businesses have managed to create the narrative of being job creators. It’s as if businesses are charitable organizations who create jobs for the community rather than the truth which is that these businesses could not exist without the employees whose labor creates wealth for the business owners while paying as little as possible to extract the as much work as they can get from the employees. That doesn’t even take in to account the roads, fire, police, water, schools to create an educated work force, and all the other things that the worker pays for with taxes extracted from their hard earned pay while the businesses off-shore their IP to avoid paying the same level of taxes as the common person.


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