GOP officials won't let the FEC stop bosses from forcing employees to give to PACs


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So being required to pay union dues is ‘TYRANNY!!’ but being required to pay into your company’s PAC is ‘Freedom, the free market, and freeness?’ How’s that work, exactly?


Seems to be working pretty well, actually, for the billionaires at least.


You join a “union”, your only intelligent choice with the TEA/GOP is to “leave” it.


Thank God someone is still willing to stand up for Personal Liberty. Sadly, the fight is not over yet. You Liberals and other Democrats won’t stop trying to force America’s Job Creators from volunteering their employees’ time and money to support the Moral Causes of Investors and Corporate Citizens!


This is just disgusting. How is this not theft? How is this up for debate?!?


Completely related is this recent Guardian opinion piece (as two-minute video). Don’t let its title fool you. The presenter’s sudden twist at ~1:15 is gutting.


I’m thinking one response (not mine) might be “it’s a free country and you’re free to go get a better job.”


Given that donating money to political entities is protected as free speech, does forcing employers to contribute to such causes constitute an infringement on their free speech?


Ah, more late-stage capitalism!


Note the hypocrisy of the conservatives who say that baking a cake for a gay couple is a violation of free speech (and religious freedom) since baking a cake is an act of speech that cannot be forced (even though you’re a bakery open to the public and that’s your actual job), but would here act like there’s nothing wrong with coercing employees to give to a cause that not only is likely against their own interests but donating isn’t even what they were hired to do.

I’d file a contract dispute about the fact that donating to a PAC isn’t in my job description (and then get fired a week later for a completely unrelated issue, coincidentally).


Union? Who are you, to talk back to the Boss?



Well, “latest” stage anyway.


When America claims to be a beacon of democracy for the world, they mean as a what-not-to-do?


I’m pretty sure we mean it in the same way we mean “greatest.” AKA lots of enthusiasm but shy on accuracy.


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