The Congressional Progressive Caucus is (still) awash in corporate money


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but a year later, nearly every member is still accepting corporate money in their individual capacity.

A year? It’s going to take a bit more than a year to get this folks off the Corporate teat…

We have to keep up the pressure at the voting booth.


Eh. “No corporate money” as a policy seems virtuous, sure, but depending on things, it may very well also translate into “Being outspent by primary rivals and Republican opponents”, which is not good.

If it was me, I’d demand more openness and accountability from the CPC members over corporate donations, so that people can see if Senator Doe gets tons of money from chemical industry and is lax about doing anything with environmental regulations, or if Representative Roe gets money from big investment banks and acts as a spoiler in the finance committee.

(Then again, my bourgeoisie values are probably showing in that I don’t see “corporate-hostile” as automatic part of “democracy-friendly”.)


Some actual labels on that bar chart would be most useful; there is no information as to what it is signifying


Indeed a useless graph without the legend, a screen shot that included half an inch more above the graph would have been enough.

You have to go to the source document.
Blue = Small individual contributions
Red = PAC contributions
Green = Large individual contributions

After a quick skim read through the article I still don’t know the amount where a contribution becomes a large contribution.


Things are not going to change on there own.
We need to take a serious look at taxation without representation, because at this point, corporations are the only ones with representation.
They don’t even pay taxes!
We were warned that democracy would fail because of greed, and now we find ourselves in a Plutocracy.
While we are at it, the way they are allowed to manipulate the vote brings me to the other underused term of treason. Once they do away with one vote one person, the charade of democracy is gone.


This is incredibly misleading (not that that is ever a problem for The Intercept). For example, the first person on the list, Bennie Thompson, seems to be rolling in corporate dollars, but when you go to opensecrets and see where the PAC money is actually coming from, it is mainly labor unions.


You nailed it. Makes me wonder how much of this shit is Russian propaganda that bb and The Intercept seem happy enough to peddle. For shame! This kind of garbage is to make people think there is no hope. Really, it’s more garbage!


Let’s keep focused.,_2016


Or you could say that the coin of the realm only has two sides, welded back to back and made of the same metal.


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