Blue Cross employees are instructed to donate to the boss's daughter, a "Democrat" who opposes single-payer

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Another candidate I will not be voting for in the upcoming primary. BC is my insurance company, to boot. I wish they weren’t, but we don’t have single-payer, so…I just circled back to why there’s no way in hell I’m voting for Gretchen Whitmer.

[edit] Also, dick move, BC, demanding that your lowest paid workers make political donations.




The letter invite people to the fundraising luncheon says “Paid for by Gretchen Whitmer for Governor…”

The page that the letter directs to ( says, “Paid for by ActBlue and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

So which is it?


My Big Corporate Employer send us emails begging for donations to its PAC all the time. I’ve set up an email filter to ensure they get the very special treatment they deserve. :wastebasket:


What do we Michiganians have to do incite a quick, friendly, Canadian invasion and thus save us from all of this? We can’t ALL cross the border and ask for asylum, can’t they just move the border to Ohio?


Chip in or else? During one year at my previous employer (this during the 'Space Shuttle Era"), we were directed to buy US Savings Bonds, with our company targeting 100% participation (for bragging rights, I suppose); that was so, so world-shatteringly important to some dictatorial Mahogany Row bozo. It got to where two last holdouts out of ~7000 employees (yours truly and another misguided miscreant) were approached by first level managers (wasted effort) and then were told that higher levels would be chatting with us. Short story, we gave in, buying one minimum denomination each. The insipid drama left a lot of people angry and put upon; the savings bond push never came back.


Threaten to walk to Windsor en masse if they don’t? Take the mitten off and put it on Newfoundland? They probably get pretty cold over there.


Thank you for reminding me why I didn’t want to vote for Gretchen Whitmer. I knew I’d heard something I didn’t like about her, but I couldn’t recall what. :angry: I won’t forget again.

I was checking out Ballotpedia last night, and they’re reporting a challenge to El-Sayed’s candidacy based on residency requirements. I have no idea if it’s valid or not, but he may not be included in the primary. Many of the other candidates support single-player or Medicare-for-all, so we should have some choices come August.

Though I would most heartily welcome our new Canadian overlords, should that come to pass. I vote yes for that! :canada: :canada: :canada:


Back in the day, I inadvertently found myself employed by AOL (america online). They, too, were asking everyone to contribute to their PAC. I was all, whaaa…? Talk about flushing your money down a shȋthole.


It’s bullshit, promoted by the CorpDems.


So what we heard as “You’ve got mail!” was actually “You got nailed”?


First of all, while I think single payer is both a good idea and inevitable, it’s bound to have some drawbacks - especially after Washington gets done with it. If I was the CEO of a health insurance company, I would suddenly feel deeply concerned about those drawbacks. I might even yell at the teevee when Bernie Sanders shows up. It has nothing to do with protecting my corporation, honest. I might even explain my position to my politically ambitious kids.

So this isn’t the least bit surprising, and it doesn’t make her a bad Democrat. It means she’s going to need to hear the other side of the debate, maybe quietly and rationally, or maybe from a chanting mob with signs. I wouldn’t write her off just yet. Then again, I am a Tool of the Man.

Also, by the way, there are quite a few Blue Cross companies - try not to get them mixed up.


Technically, I think this is illegal, but probably not enforced. If they are paying you a salary, then telling you to donate part of the money to a candidate, then at some level, they are donating that money. While PACs pretty much get a free ride, donations to candidates ARE subject to limits under campaign finance laws, and this is traditionally considered an illegal way around those limits. Of course these days, I don’t think anybody is enforcing this stuff.


If the Canadians would kindly invade, we won’t have to pay the bridge tolls!


perhaps add a link to her opponents’ campaign pages or donation pages to your story?


Hey Cory,

Can we not throw around words like “coerce?” That’s a fairly extraordinary charge, and definitely does not apply to this letter which is a super common occurrence at most businesses.



Corporations are the people your parents warned you about.


Are you asking Cory to do something for you, or with you? I ask because this “we” construction is coersive, and that’s not extraordinary in the least.


Thanks for contributing.