University band pranks director by playing Mii Channel theme song instead of Bach


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Never ceases to amaze me how well these unassuming background tunes translate so well into band arrangements. Talk about coordination!


Liberty University, eh? Amazing what sublimated sexuality can do for your musical abilities.

Also, is the Mii Channel theme the new go-to meme song, replacing All Star? Fingers crossed.


Huh. I didn’t know women were allowed to wear pants–let alone blow anything–at Liberty University.


My Band Geek stands tall with them!


Okay, that was a good prank. :slight_smile:


How much practice time would something like that require? I’m wondering how they managed to accomplish that without him catching on.


“When you see a note, don’t just guess at the note.” - that’s good advice in middle school.

I have no idea what a Mii Channel is, but I can tell this is a really good arrangement. Let’s hope Drew Harris makes a carreer of it - not many can!


I had to google Mii Channel. :confused:
It’s where you pick out your avatar for Wii games


I once helped organize a prank wherein the band members replaced their instruments with Kazoos for a single song. It was not captured on video, as far as I know.


Yes, the arrangement is very nice and spot on.


Excellent arrangement. Even after all these years, the Wii was one of my favorite consoles. Simply a pleasure to use, and it just got better with homebrew.


I’m too old to be this in love with this music


I like his response. He’s realized they like him.


I think it is! I really like this one:


My college chamber choir once did this with a song we knew our director absolutely hated. He ran out of the room but we still finished. It was so fun, and such a tension breaker during a stressful rehearsal schedule.


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