The real musicians behind the Animal Crossing theme performed it in a virtual concert

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Animal Crossing missed coming out at precisely the right moment only by a week–which, all things considered, is pretty amazing. For me, it’s operated both as a necessary distraction and as a mobile antidepressant throughout the quarantine. And this little virtual concert is straight-up heartwarming.


Headline makes it sound like there’s a controversy over who played the music on Animal Crossing, like the game company tried to have a “front band” that didn’t really play the music take credit for it.

But here are the REAL musicians behind the Animal Crossing theme. The secret has been exposed!!!

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[MARGE tells THERAPIST about being bullied for her Monkees lunchbox because they didn’t play their own instruments]

THERAPIST: children can be so cruel

MARGE: it’s true though, they didn’t play their own instruments

THERAPIST: the Monkees weren’t about music Marge, they were about rebellion! About political and social upheaval!

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