University sends eviction notice to student for attempting suicide


This is awful. The poor kid. He’s barely got enough will/drive/energy/whatever to try to kill himself: now he has to find somewhere else to live too? And the housing market’s probably terrible, and a pain in the arse to navigate at the best of times, let alone when you’re suicidally-depressed.

I dunno. Maybe going back to live with his parents/guardians is a viable option, but I imagine it wouldn’t be for many.

Fuck. Reminds me of suicides being banned from burial in church-yards etc in the 1800s and earlier.


Healthcare, yes. Mental healthcare… That’s a whooole different story. You might have seen mention of Bell Let’s Talk on social media, yesterday. That is because this country’s biggest mental health care initiative is a once yearly single day publicity campaign from a frigging telecom company. So does it surprise me that this happened in Canada? Not in the slightest.


I have no idea whether Bell Let’s Talk is a good thing or not for people with mental illness and the treatment of mental illness. But I know I hate it.

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