Stressed-out students can now break down in the Cry Closet at the University of Utah


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Do they have one for faculty, too?


They should complement it with a room full of puppies/dogs or kittens/cats. Both?


I was just thinking, we need one of those at my job…


Crying closets for EVERYONE!





Evil idea #12032: set up a fake Cry Closet, and hide inside dressed as an insane clown.

Great for the next video featuring Jake Paul. Or even better, RON PAUL.



I’m about to be in grading jail for this weekend…


Heard the local radio DJ going all tough old man and dumping all over this. Poor guy definitely needs a hug and a teddy bear.


Forget the Cry Closet, I want an Angry Dome.


I will take one of those, too. Maybe put the cry closet inside the angry dome somewheres.


That’s too mild … I need a punching bag at work.


Not exclusively, but we’re allowed to use it too


I thought there was a tradition of screaming into your purse or handbag. Perhaps if you are a gentleman: yelling at clouds or shouting incoherently in any fine establishment that serves the required quantities of alcohol. The crying always comes afterward. Or so a friend told me.


Maybe that’s why Scott Pruitt got the soundproof chamber installed in his office at EPA?


I feel if I lived in the Land of Mormons, I’d need a crying closet, too.


Okay… crying closets for EVERYONE except Scott Pruitt! He gets to cry in public only.

Let me know when they open up a position in the history department! :wink:


Don’t you all have your own offices?


There are no loveys in said office. I need a crying closet with a lovey damn it!


I once turned a “7 Minutes in Heaven” closet into a cry closet. *

*This, of course, is just a joke. I wasn’t cool enough to get invited to those kinds of parties.