Unsafe but madly entertaining UW video


He sure is burning through his tank pushing the monster fins; does not look fun, at all.

Looks pretty frickin fun to me. And not particularly unsafe, he obviously knows what he’s doing. Nice to see someone getting athletic underwater. Air refills are cheap.

As far as this being the most entertaining underwater gopro footage ever, its got nothing on the crab cam video I made yesterday:

(insert smiley face)


Any idea where they were diving? Obviously somewhere relatively warm since the guy was in budgie smugglers and even the sensible people only seemed to be wearing wet suits.

Looks like there are some surprisingly deep bits at the shallow end of the gene pool… …I hope nobody sensible gets hurt when they recover the body!

I ended up stopping the video because I was tired of closing his annoying annotation every 2 seconds. Is there anyway to turn it off so I can just watch the video without the popups in the way, does anyone know?

And of course, it ends in him creeping on some woman in pink fins. Because that’s just part of nerd culture or something. Even dive/UW camera nerds.

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You could add Youtube Options to Chrome/Opera/Safari if you’re using them, although I’m not sure if it works on embedded videos.


If I had to guess, I’d say it’s one of the freshwater springs in Florida. Mostly based on the huge number of divers that are in the water, the existence of tree trunks in the water (wood breaks down very quickly in salt water), and the caves/caverns.

Just click the little chat bubble icon at the bottom of the YouTube video, it will turn all of annotations off.


Yes, obviously an inland dive site, but were there any other clues to Florida and not Europe?

This is filmed at my A #1 favorite dive spot, Morrison Springs. A lovely freshwater spring in the northern panhandle, with a max basin depth of 30 feet, a central chute down to 60 feet, and a cavern the size of a ballroom filled with water and fossils.

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Derek, it seems to be his ascent from the chute up to what seems very close to the surface is done WAAAAY too fast to be in keeping with generally accepted safety rules. As you are familiar with the site, can you chime in?

To me a lot of the fun of scuba is the gentle serenity of swimming in a way to conserve air and enjoy the view. It is, by definition, the least aerobic activity possible (if you’re doing it right). He seems like a bit of a tit frankly. Also he’s swimming around a group of people who look like they’re training and who would be better off without the distraction.

For one the lens distortion masks that he’s going up an incline more or less. Morrison is shaped like a big cereal bowl, with a channel at the bottom, opening into a big sphere… so, on the way up, he’s mostly in a more-gradual ascent.

That, plus he was only down for a couple of minutes, lessening his nitrogen offgass obligation: a ‘bounce’ dive’. he still had to manage the risk of barotrauma, but he seems to know the difference between his middle ears and a hole in the ground. :]

An ascent rate of 30ft per minute is generally considered safe. Judging by the description of Morrison Spring here, the “blood boiling ascent”, while frenetic isn’t necessarily unsafe because he’s only ascending from the first cavern at 35ft to the surface over a period of several minutes. The more worrisome part is when he leaves the 2nd cavern to go to first cavern between 2:50 and 3:00. This is an ascent of about 20 ft in just 10 seconds, which while a violation of the 30ft/minute rule, probably isn’t that bad considering his depth, his long safety stop and the rest of his dive profile (I still wouldn’t do it).

Thanks to you both. It looks dangerous as all hell in the video.

I can see how it might be that way, but Morrison is a /really/ stable place. No boat traffic, plenty of open space, lots of places to sit and sort your gear out (platforms, logs), and a simple entry via shore with no current or steep grades. The only strong current is at the cavern entry, but its still highly puny.

The riskiest part of a dive, even a ‘penetration’ dive into a cavern, is the drive in your car to the site. :wink:

On all youtube vids, you just click the little dialog box that is the 1st icon on the bottom right row of the vid. If you hover it says hide annotations.