US appeals court rules a warrant is required for cell phone location tracking


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I fully expect this to be over turned in a 5-4, or perhaps 6-3 decision. After all, you’re in public, and have no expectation to privacy, and this is just a efficient than having a cop actually follow you around all day and night for months on end, perhaps even prior to you being a suspect to a crime.

I’m really disturbed that the Supreme’s seem to think that society shouldn’t pay attention to the inherent inefficiencies involved when the original court rulings were decided, and from those that say they believe in “original intent” no less.

There’s also something horribly wrong, when a society uses inefficiency as a civil rights protection.

That’s lovely, but I have no trust in the system.

Will I get in trouble if I turn on find my iphone?

A cop following you around everywhere would constitute harassment. Plus, the subject would be aware of it, while cell phone tracking is surreptitious. Not the same thing at all.

Since you’re not aware of it, you weren’t harassed. Problem solved!

And anyway, of you weren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear. Warrants are so quaint.

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