No warrant is needed to get your phone's location data, U.S. appeals court rules

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Looks like the market for untraceable cell phones is going to heat up.


Our illustrious Congresscritters are doing their best to solve that problem:

Terrists, ya know.


You would think that if one is willingly sharing the information then there should be the option to be unwilling to share it…


Or willingly chose to NOT share.

I guess the willingness comes from choosing to have a cellphone, because that’s totally optional now. Just like an internet connection. No one in a modern society needs those things [/snark]


It’s fine, it’s fine. This will only be used to locate bad people.


Like you, and me.


This is crazy. Besides the fact that one can’t decide to not share location information, just because one willingly shares information with a third party doesn’t mean the police are entitled to that information without a warrant.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t such a thing: a smartphone with its ‘location services’ turned on and phoning home to the mothership is considerably worse, offering particularly high accuracy and frequent updates; but any cellphone with the ‘phone’ part powered up will let the telco know where it is with at least enough accuracy to know which cell tower to communicate with it from; and in areas where coverage is good enough for triangulation, probably better than that(especially given the location accuracy requirements imposed for e911).

That is actually one advantage of old-school POCSAG-based pagers: pager networks just broadcast blindly and do not require knowledge of the receiver’s location. It has long been a wishlist item for the more paranoid FOSS-cellphone people to have a phone/pager combo(with FOSS firmware, naturally) that would allow you to keep the cell modem dark except when you specifically want to use it, with the pager providing notifications of missed calls and such without constantly tracking you. As far as I know you can’t actually get one of those; but they have been theorized in some detail.

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It is crazy; but it’s the kind of crazy that some guy in a black robe decided to call “The Third party Doctrine”, so it’s legally binding crazy.

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Thanks interstate commerce, for giving me a tiny troop to quarter in my pocket.

can’t they already GPS track you without a warrant?

Sorry to take so long to get back to you about this, but…

Holy shit! I’m so sick of the LA county, west side Democrats pretending to be progressive. Jackie Speier is officially right of the former USSR with the sponsorship of this bill.

For those who haven’t looked at Representative Speier’s bill, you must provide a W-2 (one with a SS#) along with a government-issued I.D. in order to purchase a pre-paid phone. Just so they can track people and locations?:frowning2:

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I don’t believe my phone company has even once indicated to me that they know where I am.

I imagine most people think of their phone signal more like a TV signal - available or not - rather than as a location focused back and forth

Just remove the battery.

Problem solved.

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