US Army developing 'pocket-sized' video surveillance drone

I’m thinking that I can toss it out the window during the commute to help decide which route to take…

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Now imagine them talking together, so each motorist sees the video from their own minidrone and at the same time shares the feed with other drivers, some of whom provide their own drones too. A smart swarm of cooperating UAVs.

I suggest a smart drone that is linked with the car, able to automatically take off from its roof and land back (and fold into an aerodynamic pod) when no longer needed and feeding data to onboard navg system.

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Yes, please.

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Or you could cut out a step and just have all the cars communicate with each other to reduce traffic congestion (in the not-too-distant future of Googlemobiles, anyway).

That would work in case there is a significant proportion of such cars. Meanwhile, minidrones!

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