Riot control drone that fires paintballs, pepper-spray and rubber bullets at protesters


I’m looking forward to seeing the the tech and techniques organized protesters use to thwart these drones. A big piece of plywood held above the head would go a long way. Or a well-aimed rock/bottle/brick.


In order for this to be effective it is going to have to fly pretty low, A crude bolas would easily bring this out of the sky.


Ah South Africa. Isn’t this the country who gave us an anti-car jacking flame thrower device?

Who runs Bartertown?


So ED-209 is just around the corner then.

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The gearhead in me is almost disappointed how low-tech the countermeasures are. I want to design (in my head) some fancy computerized laser countermeasures, but why bother? As you say, two rocks and a piece of string will work beautifully.

Excellent. Now we can blast that shit out of the sky without the guilt involved in injuring a human being! Plus, (no doubt) it costs an enormous sum of law enforcement dollars!


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If you want a less crude countermeasure I’d say hacking the control channel and turning this thing on its masters would trump friggin’ laserbeams.


Another drone (or more than one in formation) trailing a fishing net would be the high-tech successor to the simple bolas.


They stole the idea from your book, Cory!!

IP theft!

Sue the bastids!

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If you can get that up high enough, that’s probably sufficient to seriously interfere with an incoming ICBM.

But maybe not an asteroid.

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Just put it on “auto”.

I’m told in Vietnam people would attack American helicopters with bows and arrows. In this case it would actually work

I wonder if the operator was even aware of the things being chucked at it? If so, coming down even further was a bad move. If not, then the drone would have to become self aware and develop lasers to defend itself and then where’d we all be?

Which is your tax dollars of course. But hey …

The bigger trick isn’t stopping one; but dealing with the fact that it probably has better lawyers, is considered to be worth more than you are, and will be treated as the heroic defender of presumptively legitimate interests that you are being so uncouth as to inconvenience.


Looks like a tshirt did the trick… or was that a hoodie?

There was a case in the Italian invasion of Ethiopia of a fighter plane being brought down with a thrown spear.


This is the most disappointing implementation of RoboCop I have ever seen.