'World's first riot control copter' drone unveiled, shoots pepper spray, plastic bullets



Target practice.



I’d be curious to learn how well one of these holds up to a volley to lightweight monofilament fishing line, delivered by a bottle rocket or another drone.


I imagine silly string would gum up their gears pretty well too.


Distance could be an issue.


Or more innocuously, frisbees ®


It would not be difficult to arm it with lethal weapons, no?


It’s just the early-adopter, pre-alpha version of…


I may be a fool, but South African mining companies seems, like, one of the absolute worst possible people to employ this kind of tech.
What, the children might start a riot? Shoot them with lasers and pepperballs.
Yeah, no chance of this getting abused by a militant industrial complex in a country struggling with maintaining workers’ rights…


I’m glad everyone else immediately started thinking of ways to pull this out I the sky. I did too.


I think the best method:


Just make the net out of a metallic filament, and you should have a portable faraday cage.

I’m fairly certain the arm/disarm Miltary-Industrial-Security complex doesn’t mind additional product production.

Sometimes there are really cool inventions that come out but like the atomic bomb they should have never been invented in the first place. Anything like this can be abused. Using it to catch elephant poachers equals good. Using it to suppress disgruntled workers equals bad.


What shall we do with a riot control drone,
What shall we do with a riot control drone,
What shall we do with a riot control drone
Early in the morning?

Hey hey, and up she rises,
Hey hey, and up she rises,
Hey hey, and up she rises
Early in the morning.

(More verses, sing along with me!)

Blind it with a green laser pointer…
Collide it with a cheap model airplane…
Shoot it with a net gun and make it crash…
Return the fire, paintball-clog its sensors…
Sniper round into its battery pack…
Jam its radio and force it to land…
Shoot it with an arrow from a crossbow…

…anyone to continue?


Electronic Warfare.

Sold to mining companies… The new strikebreakers?

This reads like something from a Doctorow SF novel.

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If you are referring to the firing mechanism, that will increase the mass, cutting down on the number of shots it might carry. In the case of the pepper spray canister, I’m sure any number of nasty chemicals or biologicals could take its place.

A camera and microphone on the operator’s station records the operators (a pilot and payload operator) so their behaviour can be monitored. Hennie Kieser, Director of Desert Wolf, said people tend to be less aggressive when they are monitored.

Wow - no kidding! I can just imagine an unsupervised power-hungry flunky with a beef taking it upon themselves to subdue the go-home crowd.

Not long till someone releases the anti-drone drone.

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Leaf Blower.

All you need do is kill it’s stability.

EDIT: never mind, probably wouldn’t work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3ItOWGqsv4