US Army helicopter mistakenly releases dummy missile in upstate NY


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Can I infer from the headline they meant to release a real one?


Your understanding of the wants and desires of the US Army is likely far greater than mine.


These things probably make great pontoons.

My uncle used to build oystering machines on pairs of dummy torpedoes.


Released it? Like back into the wild? Do you think it can fend for itself?


Dummy missile?
Were any Repub presidential candidates in the area? Those missiles would have locked right onto their signal…


My friends in the upper ends of the high-power rocketry hobby would look at the empty shell as a flight-conversion challenge.

Or at least a valuable source of scale data.


Most likely just that. The frame may not (or may?) have enough strength to accommodate a rocket engine. No engine of its own, no warhead, also apparently no electrooptics to salvage.

Would be nice to put on the wall as a trophy, but that’s about it.



I’m betting 5 years from now it’ll turn up in some red neck swap meet / garage sale for $50. Don’t sweat it!


It missed. Schumer’s still there.


Lamont! Ya Big Dummy!


Never gonna find it. A hundred pounds with a nice 9.8m/sec squared landing nose first into the woods? It’s buried itself.


I am the god of (inert training) Hellfire…


14 comments in and no one has referenced this yet?


That’s not a dummy missile, that’s a dummy on a bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but still surprised someone didn’t mention it yet…


@Mindysan33, will you marry me?
I LOVE Dr StrangeLove, my spouse hates.
There might be room in my heart from the hole left by MKB.


Whats the scale of the photo? It needs a 20 cent coin or a 7 metre ruler to give us an idea of size.


A 20¢ coin? You some kind of UKistani?

ETA: Answered my own question.