US businesses stand to lose up to $35B as a result of PRISM


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Related: software piracy costs us $114 beeeeeellion dollars every year!

I’m really skeptical that anyone is going to change behavior over PRISM. At best it will be a minor sales bullet point that could tip someone if they have other competitive options.

But what’s the competitive non-US option to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc?

Come on guys, ECHELON has been making up the difference for the last 2 decades!

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maybe now that there’s some corporate money being lost some politicians will do something about it.

Why on earth would anybody think Europe is exempt? Haven’t we already learned we’ve been intercepting every call made in Germany? Which European nation hasn’t given the NSA an open back door?

And March Madness costs us $134 million

And March Madness costs us $134 million

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And Snowden, not the NSA, will get blamed for this in 3… 2… 1…


Between the security legislation (such as PATRIOT) and the patent/copyright legislation, the US stands to lose $60 billion+

(its estimated that patent/copyright trolls cost the US economy $29B+)

Its little wonder why the US economy still hasn’t recovered.

Doesn’t really make that much sense to me. Anyone who thinks any cloud service provider anywhere on the planet won’t turn over for their local government is crazy. It’s never been a good idea to put any sensitive information of any kind on the net, whether private, commercial, or incriminating as the case may be. So if you decide not to go with a US provider, where are you going to go instead? Russia? China? France? Germany? It’s just silly to imagine any company in any of these countries will refuse a subpoena or even an informal request from their state security service.

There are precious few countries in the world where data would be safe from government’s prying eyes. Perhaps better to have a tunnel to your own local machine’s heavily encrypted contents.

I feel like this headline and a number of statements in Cory’s post need to make that “over the next three years” bit a LOT more clear. The way that’s written sounds like an absolute, from here-on-out, figure.

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exactly, was just gonna post this same thing. the government(or more likely their cronies in the mainstream media) will say something like “snowden’s leaks have cost the US economy up to 35 billion dollars” that is how they will frame it. not “prism may cost the us economy up to 35 billion dollars” the fault won’t be put on the US government but on snowden for REVEALING it, because of course if he didn’t reveal it, it wouldn’t have happened.
wait for it.

Meanwhile, average Americans who still belong to the last industrialized nation not to have a single payer system for health care lose many trillions to the corrupt military-industrial complex.

And, somehow all this money hasn’t equaled to more freedom for our homeland. Something seems haywire here.

You’d almost think it was a scam to fleece average Americans of all their wealth or something…


Put in other words, the loss in 2016 could be larger than NASA’s budget.

It’s amazing how much they have surpassed the schemes their grandfathers tried to talk Smedley Butler into fronting.

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It’s one thing to reveal individual customer data when a a criminal or civil proceeding demands it - it’s a whole different thing when a government agency like the NSA permanently taps into (pressured or otherwise) ALL the data a company has (Apple, Google, MS etc.). The later doesn’t happen, as far as we know, in Germany or France.

Is there a technical term for this sort of hype “math” in headlines?

I already have changed my behavior, as have many of my friends. If I were going to use a cloud provider, I certainly wouldn’t want to use one based in the US after all this.

As for the options to FB, Twitter and Google, just don’t. They aren’t necessary services.

I’m with newliminted, crypto up and I’m looking to move my data off the corporate cloud. Can’t trust them with my data. I’m sure the core internet engineers, coders, and users agree.

I wouldn’t be so sure. The NSA has no restrictions outside the US. They can capture 100% of foreign traffic without a court order or even suspicion.