US Copyright Office recommends sweeping, welcome changes to America's DRM laws

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I look forward to fair prices for printers and cheap consumables.

Well, will make it not automatic that you’ll have to do drastic things to keep the exemption. Money will always fight for it’s own growth and concentration. no law is permanent or omnipresent. We’ll always have to fight.

Epson works for me. Also recent HP Officejet Pros (9000page black, compatibles available).

Just don’t expect a free printer and cheap ink.

Man, at this point my home printer gets turned on maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I figure the last cartridge is good for 10 years at this rate. If I want a nice color photo print, I use a service. If this makes it cheaper for them, then that’s good.

But, yeah, since these proposals are actually reasonable, one presumes there will be industry pushback on them.

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