US foreclosure map predicts US battleground states map

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I don’t see it. The narrative makes sense, but the actual maps look uncorrelated. Is there a pattern that would be more visible in a columnar table - or would that just ruin the whole article?


Uh, weak correlation is weak. PA, VA, NM all relatively low or middling on the foreclosure scale. More importantly, Clinton’s states look like they had a lot more foreclosures overall, so this hypothesis has a hell of a problem with false negatives.

If I looked at these maps naively and had to guess, I would say that those experiencing foreclosure seem more likely to vote for Clinton than for Trump.

Which actually reinforces right narratives about the foreclosure crisis: profligate people took out loans they couldn’t afford, trashed the US economy, and then the government came and bailed them out. And then they voted for the party that allowed them to act irresponsibly and bailed them out for it at the expense of more financially responsible taxpayers.


yeah, Halloween masks are more reliable.


Left out a critical word : “Clinton was probably [More? Less?] concerned about the economic plight of affected homeowners and communities than she was about the technological issues it caused”. It would help clarify issues.

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