US government agency's own numbers predict virtually no gains from TPP

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But the agreement will deliver power to a few influential multinational corporations...
Exactly. The right people will get richer and more powerfuler. It's win-win.

And somehow the profits to those few influential multinational corporations won’t happen in the U.S. or the Pacific nations in question, they’ll be realized in Carribean tax havens…

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“an independent, bipartisan, quasi-judicial, federal agency of the United States that provides trade expertise to both the legislative and executive branches,”

Wow, say that 10 times fast.

Whoa whoa whoa - this is COMPLETELY unfair and inaccurate.

Some will end up in European tax havens too.


As long as we’re being fair to all tax havens…



But but we live in a democracy!!! It’s all about hard work and voting damnit!

(extra credit: this is how Hillary’s government will “get things done”- sign something like a secret TPP, and in turn get something like marriage equality. Hopefully the unemployment office is in the same building as the marriage certificates are signed, will save some trips!)


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