US government and SCOTUS change cybercrime rules to let cops hack victims' computers

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Time to double up on encryption condoms and firewalls. Surf responsibly

I run Whonix as a virtual machine inside of an encrypted Linux. It requires a lot more processor power but it would be difficult to trace and difficult for anyone to decrypt.

The best twist is that if you have been made part of a botnet or have been compromised in any way then the feds and the 3 letter gang have cart blanche to do what they want to your system.
Remind me, how does that keep us safe?


[M]agistrate judges – the lowest judges in the federal judicial system, notorious
for their lack of technical acumen…

Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this.

Do you really think that Article III judges are technology geniuses? You know, the ones with lifetime tenure, twelve percent of whom are over 80 years old? I’m not sure that most of them are up on fax technology.

Magistrate judges, on the other hand, skew younger (average age is 50), and have defined terms. I would rather trust the technological knowledge of someone who came of age during the 1980s than someone who remembers when Bobby Kennedy was shot.

You doubt the notoriety of deficiency in the technical acumen of one group of judges because another group is, in your opinion, worse?

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