US Library of Congress needs help identifying the people in these photos

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Mom, is that you?


I’ve legitimately been pondering adding some kind of notes to my pics, but would require me messing with metadata. Been thinking about it because when i go through my picture gallery every now and then i look at pics i’ve taken and i wonder what the context was and there’s some i no longer remember details around it. Being able to add a descriptor to a photo would be a lot of work if one has taken a ton of pics but for posterity it’d be pretty invaluable should one go through the effort.


The first picture is definitely 90’s era Megadeth, but clearly the lady in front is not Dave Mustaine. I can see why the mystery.


Cast of the short-lived NBC show “Cheerleader College, USA.”

I believe it was a mid season replacement for The Brady Bunch spin-off “The Brady Brides.”


Also: I still can’t believe they cancelled “Sheriff Lobo.”


I’m not an avid photographer, but I imagine metadata to be exactly what you want, only I don’t know how convenient it is to read and edit that data. This is one advantage print photos have over digital in my mind: all of my Grandmother’s photos have notes on the back of who, when and where the photo took place, and all she needed was a pen.

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Downside is the cost of printing and then the space they’d need to take. However given the chance i would prefer to print pictures, and as you said it would be a simpler task to add notes to the back

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A one-off backing vocalist?

I recommend Darktable for this. It’s an open-source application, and it’s easy to import entire folders and then add metadata tags for all photos, or to select a few and add/remove tags.

You can then filter via those tags.

You can also tag with a few colours and with a star rating, which helps when whittling down a large number of photos to just the ones you want.

Best of all, the metadata is stored both in a small SQLite database AND in sidecar XML files. So it’s hard to lose that data - it can always be reimported or extracted with simple scripts if you need to do something later.

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The second one looks a lot like a young Thomas Jane, from The Expanse (which I recently binged and highly recommend!) and a Punisher movie among other things.


But surely others would have spotted that before me if it were he

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