US lobbying for TPP to lock up clinical trial data

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So we should be lobbying (for what it’s worth) for both the US negotiator and other countries’ negotiators to stick to their guns on this one, right?

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Granting data exclusivity is thus nothing less than giving a monopoly on knowledge itself, since it forbids any other company from being able to use that newly-established scientific fact.

A clinical trial doesn’t establish a fact. In science, there are no facts - only hypotheses and data.

So the president has no control over “his” own government?

Why am I not surprised?

Ben Goldacre has been giving a lot of talks, mainly in the UK, about the critical value to science and medicine and especially drug discovery of reporting all results from all trials, including the “unsuccessful” ones. It makes it possible to evaluate the value of a drug better, understand when not to use it, and avoid wasted time and effort in other drug developments, and locking that data up by policy is even worse than corporations not bothering to publish it (especially not publishing studies that don’t make their drugs look good.)

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