US military develops augmented reality goggles for dogs

I took my wife to see A Boy And His Dog in the theater when it was released. As the last scene ended and the dog delivered his punch line, the audience went dead silent. I quietly snickered but my wife burst out in laughter. I was so pleased that she understood what the director was saying.
I think the audience’s problem was that they came to see a science fiction movie; I came to see a Harlan Ellison short story as a movie.





As an ex Military Working Dog Handler for the USAF (81130A) I approve of this technology.

No one wants to buzz market.

TIL Rex Specs is a brand too.

I’m pretty sure this will be very strongly effective, from what I know of how trainers use visual cues. And before you get too happy about that, image a somewhat pudgy, white K9 cop, late at night, with nothing but a remote-control “canine attack unit” to play with in the “wrong part of town”.

Kinda kills the techno-buzz.

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