Gun Dog: “Part dog, part gun, all cop!”


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A skull gun! Gunther Hermann is going to be so jealous.


Guns don’t kill people; harnesses that mount guns onto dogs’ heads kill people.


I wonder if gundog could hit that third apostrophe…


That got a bit hairy.


You rework and rework and end with shit. So sorry. I am ashamed.
(Also, never try and fix a typo on Twitter, you’ll fuck it up.)


No need to feel ashamed, just blame it on You Know Who!


I’m pretty sure these hunting dogs, recently profiled in Outside Magazine, are smarter than I am.


Such power. Such beauty!

(And thanks for getting us back on topic – phew!)


Someone didn’t think this through. That poor dog would go deaf after firing a few rounds…


that’s probably why he seems so laid back despite the captain yelling at him.


I’m reminded of the K9000 cyberdog gun.



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