US military literally trying to reinvent the wheel


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.


Ironically it was sand that ultimately destroyed Hammond’s tracks.

Hmmm. Likely semi-robotic… vehicle knows where ‘feet’ should land to avoid big rocks and hollows?

Yeah Boston Dynamics have a great system for that. Adam Savage demonstrated spot walking over uneven surfaces with its feet not missing a step.

I just found out today that this happened:

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Yeah that was weeks ago.

I used to have an off road capable van but I recently bought a newer, non-offroadable van. The new van is much more efficient for highway travel, which is the main thing I will do with it, but every now and then I wish I had more ground clearance to get over a rough bit of trail.

So the market for off road vehicles may just be to fill in a few rare use cases. A normal car with legs, so it an un-bog itself might be a good idea.

Legs might be useful in other ways as well. The car could lift itself up so a tyre can be changed. It could walk into a tight parking spot.


Double your funding - call it Freedom Wheel in the application!


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