See this odd "ouroboros" robot roll right along

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I wonder if the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Will let them collect the $500 reward.

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I’m a Mac!

I’m a PC!

God how I hate that banjo music.

And in the blue corner, catch him if you can! A rolling robot gathers no losses! It’s… OUROBOROS!

I don’t know if I would call the evolution of the wheel from stone disc to carriage wheel to car tire “minor modifications.”

Those are some pretty significant technological advancements.

But Wheel Robot is cool, too.


Kind of whimsical. And a lot less creepy than those Boston Dynamics headless animals.


They’ve only got computer renderings of designs that might recover from being knocked over. Boston dynamics seems to have that pretty well in the can.

Well they can keep it there.
Along with Prince Albert.


I’ve so got to design a canbot now.

Damn it, too late…


Main problem that I can see is that this robot can’t steer itself. I suppose the solution is to build a spherical robot which can just roll in different directions and conform to the surface it is on.

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“… for a second it seemed to him that a half-filled leather sack of the liquid-metal had rolled into the clearing. For the quasi-spherical object moved with just such a weighty, fluid motion. But it was not leather; and what appeared at first a disgusting wartiness, turned out on closer scrutiny to be more like the functional projections of some outlandish mechanism.”

Where is that from?

The Ruum”.


If an ouroboros is a serpent consuming its own tail, what is the name of a serpent excreting its own head?

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Trump, I think.


You know, I have never been able to figure out what “a rolling stone gathers no moss” actually means, mostly because I can’t figure out if “gathering moss” is good or bad.

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That is what is so great about that saying, you can apply it to many situations.

If you are referring to physical activity, gathering moss could be becoming overweight.

Or, if the rolling stone indicates someone who quickly moves from one relationship to another, gathering moss could be collecting emotional baggage.

Or, if you are a stone that is trying to get your kids to settle down and gather some moss, you could use this to tell them to slow their roll.

Many situations that are comparing motion to stillness, and the resulting effects of either, could be shoehorned into this saying.

Don’t worry. Someone will find a way to weaponize Ourobot.

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