US Navy bans TikTok from government-issued mobile devices as 'cybersecurity threat'

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I didn’t think the demographic that uses TikTok was generally old enough to be in the Navy.


18 year olds?


Yeah, my perception is a little off it seems

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I was thinking they could just block them at the firewall, but then remembered they are phones, and the evil spy packets can simply traverse the carriers’ networks directly to the tiktok servers.

So how are they going to block tiktok on the sailors’ private phones from giving up the same location data and other info?

There are lots of middle aged people on Tik Tok. They’ve got a pretty good algorithm for the For You page, so I don’t even see kids on it anymore.

I think the surprising thing is that they let people install whatever apps they wan’t on government issued phones.


Mylar baggies for everyone!


First ToTok, now TikTok???

Let’s not everybody Tok at once.


I could not help but think of a Mylar rendition hood. Very inappropriate imagery, but there it is.

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“Good riddance. I didn’t care for that song anyway.”

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And this is why I don’t install all the myriad phone apps for stores, news sites, etc. Glod knows what’s in them or who developed them, which libraries they use, or what the next update will bring.

I have an app for all of that. It’s called the browser, and that’s enough of a risk already.


My work issued phone doesn’t let me install ANYTHING. As far as I know, members of Japan’s self defense forces aren’t even allowed to own smart phones. (that my have changed in the last couple of years, but even this week, I could identify a couple of suited guys at the pub as being Ministry of defense by their flip phones.

I prefer to communicate in person, even if I have to take a tuk-tuk to do it.



15 years old in Canada, with parental permission…

… as I remind my teenagers occasionally. :wink:

I read that as “prenatal”. Ha.

Aren’t carriers at sea?

Also wo cell repeaters signal dies quick inside metal hulls.

What if someone gets close to the ships with a Stingray IMSI catcher?

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I don’t get why America is acting like its at war already and at this point it will create the perfect situation for it.When all common goals and economies separate you will most likely get war.
1.They will make it mandatory that all electronics have to be produced in the US because security…
2.Systematically stop all political conversations and remove ambasies from the region.
3.Separate all cinese from the US populations and remove them from companies because security threat.

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