US Police have stolen $68 billion in the past 20 years from American citizens without due process

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US cops are a criminal gang with badges and a union.

Civil Forfeiture, Asset Forfeiture, Racoons Steal From Cats


The police fit most definitions of a gang :confused:


Meanwhile, in the past 20 weeks …


I’m all for ending civil asset forfeiture, in a pretty big way, to be clear. But the group behind the report and video featured here, the Institute for Justice, I’m having a hard time getting a read on them. Perusing their website, they advocate for things like educational choice and they litigate to “limit the size and scope of government.”

Devil’s in the details, for sure, and I don’t have time to dig into them, but I’ll just say that I’m happy they are advocating vociferously against CAF.


“Imagine one gang, consisting of the Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings
That’s when you start to realize what the police is
Government funded gang-bangin thugs, that’s what beast is.”

-William “ILL BILL” Braunstein.

They are up front about their libertarian roots. I’m not a libertarian at all, but this particular group illustrates how even people with very different ideas about government can strive for and accomplish good things (I suppose it’s like the Catholic church or other religious organizations who do positive things). They’ve also made it a primary goal to reduce licensing requirements which frequently make it harder for people of color to make a living. Admittedly, I get a little warm & fuzzy when I find my ideological opponents share my beliefs, maybe because it reminds me of our shared humanity. This could be naivete on my part, but I’m sticking with warm and fuzzy!

Wow, so now that this is a known thing, I assume that the govt. will prosecute on RICO grounds, and seize funds from police unions and retirement funds to restore stolen funds to the victims right? /s

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