US prison population up 800% since launch of War on Drugs




Well, when demographics are trending against you, you've got to do something about it.


It goes a little deeper than that

several different forces are at work.


Can you expand that tl;dr to include why that's related to the War on Drugs and an 800% expansion of the US prison population?


For everyone that is lost, so far we have prison population = war on drugs = opec embargo = black slavery = colombia


Don't you mean war on terror?




Woo Hoo! We're Number One!!!


the oil conspiracy dudes are harshing my buzz on this.


It would be interesting to add when the prisons began to be privatised rather than just state or federal.


If it was 200,000 in 1971, and 1,600,000 in 2012, isn't that a 700% increase?

For comparison, the US population rose about 51% over the same period. The per capita increase - according to my back-of-the-envelope calculations - is 435%.


Correlation does not equal causation, and the link shows ignorance of the history of American race relations that borders on nonsensical For starters oil had nothing to do with the timing of the American Civil War, and considering the period of Jim Crow as one of freedom for blacks with slavery on each side is at best silly.


Sheeple reference in 3... 2...


The 3/5 Compromise dates to the creation of the US Constitution, not the end of the Civil War roughly a century later.

The Golden Triangle refers to an area of Southeast Asia, not the slave trading route.

The 13th Amendment bans "slavery and involuntary servitude". The 14th makes all people born here citizens.

You know nothing about our history, and trying to use it to prove your crackpot theories is beyond offensive.


Cannot into reading comprehension?
The 3/5 compromise mean all the freed slaves int he south who remained gave the south 20% more political power than previously.

oops Atlantic triangle(s)
Much butt hurt to pick on tiny errors.

Maybe you should read the constitution for the perspective of legal knowledge and which amendments were removed.

Our history?

Crackpot I think not, check you cognitive dissonance privilege.


Actually I'm out, i wanted to add something to the debate but too much cog dis here.

Just don't be surprised when China turns up to claim all your national parks as collateral.


Uh, except the newly freed slaves weren't exactly in step with the south, and elected a number of Black congressmen belonging not to the Southern Democratic party, but to the Northern Republican Party. Congress was substantially more oriented towards the north after the Civil War than before it. The idea that the Civil War increased southern power is ludicrous.

Maybe you should learn basic US History. Or at least crack open Wikipedia. The 13th amendment banned slavery, the 14th concerns citizenship.

I'm African American, and yeah, it's my history. Your understanding of it is pretty bad. Like, White kid giving a book report in 5th grade for Black History month bad.


Mission Accomplished.


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The odd thing about the war on drugs is how no one is actually at war with the drugs. It's the people who end up having their lives destroyed not by their drug, but by the drug warriors.