US residents who went to Mexico for surgery returned with deadly superbug

Has anyone seen Rand Paul lately?

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A dozen patients were affected by this, in contrast to the >100 who were affected by a CRE outbreak at UCLA Medical Center a in 2014/2015 years ago.

So, by my calculations, it will be -48 months, give or take a few.


Yes. And if a private corporation can provide a better option, then by all means, let them do so. Surely, if their “free market” claims are correct, then such an alternative, additional (optional), supplemental service will thrive.

The problem is that for too long insurance companies have been treating us not with supplements, but suppositories.


So now it’s a Pre-existing condition.

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totally irrelevant but heay

Some details below on health care associated infections from the WHO. Infection is the second leading cause for iatrogenic harm in medicine (right after medication error).

Reliable data is difficult to come by. People in health care settings by definition have a compromised immune system and without in depth investigation infections and their sources are easily missed.

Without knowing how many patients travelled to Mexico for surgery the number of infected patients is statistically irrelevant.

One of the worst (and best documented) cases of hospital acquired infections occurred in New Orleans and was responsible for the death of 5 children. And of course it was the parents who wanted answers and forced an investigation.


is there such a thing as a Mexican DNA? What are we looking for here?

I received my MRSA infection at the Hilo Hospital. To their defense I have to admit that Hawai’i is perfectly suited for infections. They lurk everywhere. The combination of bug promoting environment with the habit of not taking all of the prescribed antibiotics is very dangerous indeed.
I was put on a cocktail of antibiotics to rid myself from the MRSA infection I developed after my hospital visit to treat a nasty laceration from falling into the Lava while fishing at the ocean when a huge wave was about to wash me out and I tried to escape it. After the hospital visit, my lacerations started to grow what looked like the surface of a Camembert cheese. Fuzzy white and painful.
Then I found an article about the effectiveness of raw, oxidized (aired) minced Garlic and started to take that. Starting with one clove and increasing it every few hours - taken with yogurt, lemon and raw ginger. When I arrived at half a bulb of Garlic per treatment, the infection caved in and within two weeks it was gone. Later I found out that they would give raw Garlic extract IV in the UK. All this is now nine years ago and I still take my half bulb of raw Garlic every day. You can use a blender to make a smoothie with the ingredients, as I did in the beginning. It makes it quite pleasant. Like drinking Pizza. :wink:
My best wishes for a speedy recovery. This will work. And even for those who don’t like Garlic - just see it as the most powerful natural Antibiotic on Earth, for which no bug can ever have resistance. Don’t hesitate to ask me about specifics.

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My mother died here in the US from a superbug she got here during surgery. So, don’t point the finger at Mexico.

“Superbugs” tend to have a higher prevalence in areas where antibiotics are freely available OTC and frequently misused. In humans, this is the case in many developing countries, but in the US agriculture uses antibiotics freely as growth promoters, yielding truly terrifying organisms rising from the manure pits. (If that is not a set up for a B-grade horror movie, I don’t know what is.) Point is, we have no grounds to point a finger at developing countries for breeding these things, we are doing a super duper job contributing our own.


… I wasn’t.

I was saying instead of wasting BILLIONS of dollars on a bullshit wall that won’t protect us from anything that wants past it, we should spend that money fixing our healthcare system.

But, see what you want, I suppose. You have my sympathy for your loss.

ETA I think I see how you may have thought I was pointing a finger at Mexico, but in reality the headline is mentioning Mexico, and the content of the OP mentions Mexico.

Me? I said it was scary, but not because of Mexico. Because superbugs spreading is fucking scary. I also said building a wall between us and Mexico is a stupid waste of money, and I’ve said that many times before in the past.

I’m not afraid of Mexico, no matter how much Trump and his ilk would like me to be. I’m afraid of Trump and his fearmongering ilk.

And superbugs.

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“Ask your doctor about Tzatzikicin™”

But seriously, please don’t promote quack cures.The antibiotic effect of garlic is due to the diallyl thiosulfinate, which has a mild effect. It isn’t magic. It didn’t cure your infection, your own immune system did.


Wow. Quack cures?
First, the antimicrobial properties come from Allicin. Instead of insulting people based on your personal opinion, you should point to the scientific studies about the effectiveness of Garlic. It is well known that Garlic was the preferred treatment for infections before Penicillin was discovered.
Maybe I should have directed the readers straight to the US National Library of Medicine? Do they promote quack cures as well when they publish data about the effectiveness of raw Garlic?
The internet is full with data about its effectiveness. The key to its effectiveness is dosage, like with everything else.
Please refrain from insulting others by ridiculing their writing. Garlic saved my life because my immune system was severely compromised by the vog on Hawai’i island. And yes, Tsatsiki is delicious and one reason why the people who eat it daily are very healthy. Raw Garlic and Yogurt are a powerful combination. Natural Pro- and Antibiotics.


Yes, quack cures. Garlic has a mild antibiotic effect, due to the compound dialyl thiosufinate, a.k.a. Allicin. It might have contributed to knocking down the MRSA infection. It didn’t cure it. Encouraging others to use it for a serious infection instead of mainstream antibiotics is dangerous.

I’m not insulting you. I’m criticizing the way you portrayed the role of garlic in your recovery from an infection. It’s not cool. You can find all kinds of positive information on the internet about colloidal silver - it’s quackery. It has no effect. There’s too much science-free medical advice on the internet already. Please don’t add to it.

I’m glad you recovered from a dangerous infection, and moreover, one you incurred doing an activity I also love - fishing. Please do not read any hostility or disrespect into what I am writing. However, I am very serious about countering bad medical science on the internet. I won’t back down from it unless the medical doctors who are also on the BBS tell me to drop it.


To make it worse, it’s remarkable how many cattle feed lots are upstream of the source of irrigation water of so much of our produce farms.

I’m looking at you, romaine lettuce. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Okay. Let’s just say what I wrote was written by someone who experienced the failure of prescription antibiotics - adding that I am highly allergic to penicillin due to a life threatening disease as a child and to a number of other antibiotics, having made treatment extremely difficult - and was then depending on natural alternatives. Although I took copious amounts of Oregano Oil as well, I still attribute the healing to the Garlic I had. Lots of them.
On a side note, unless someone is allergic to Garlic, there are no known adverse effects from Garlic. There are a few positive ones though. Like having space in public transportation…

US residents who went to Mexico for surgery returned with deadly superbug

Oh, it was just Peter Serafinowicz.


I sympathize with that. It’s very rough to be allergic to any medication, but especially life-saving ones like antibiotics. Was your physician unable to find an antibiotic that would work on the infection but not set off your allergy? For cases like MRSA, the usual restrictions on some of the more esoteric drug options are often relieved and they have a free hand to prescribe whatever drug is going to deal with the infection.

i didnt have a mild prescription antibiotic

I like garlic - but that was not goinna be an option - - the MRSA colonized in the bone of my Tibia.

  • i was on a 6 week course of Vankomycin delivered 2x/day through a PICC line.

after 4 weeks my body’s reaction turned me?.. purple! doc described as mix of hives, poison ivy and chickenpox, on inside and outside of skin - took a 3 week 'cool down" with steroids, then finished off the last 2 weeks with clindomycin.

What have I learned about hospitals, superbugs and the homeless?

More than I ever wanted.

I seem, repeat “seem” to have resolved the MRSA, now back to working on the initial incident, the left knee. - I have not been able to walk normally for over 8 months.

Hooray! will find out more on monday
If you are seriously beat up? requiring hospitalization, surgery and doctors?
Maybe consider homeopathic and other remedies as possible - but go with hard science and proven research


There is always the Placebo Effect as last resort.