Trumpcare added $33B to government healthcare spending, in order to cover 8.9m fewer Americans, who will pay more for less

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“The Art of the Deal”


“Death Panels” aren’t looking so bad anymore, are they?

When does America™, or whatever Americans are left, become great again?


This isn’t Trump care but an example of how screwed up healtcare is. Specifically Express Scripts Part D Medicare. I take Rosuvastatin (Crestor generic) Retail is $196.01 for a 30 day supply. When I paid cash I got a discount and paid $14.95 When I got insurance I paid $54.07 That doesn’t even make sense. I’d be better off paying cash for all my meds, but there is a penalty for not enrolling in Part D.


Capitalism: why waste a dollar when you can waste ten?

Or alternatively: why steal a dollar when you can steal ten?


The point wasn’t to save money, it was to hurt people on Obamacare. The point of building a wall and expecting Mexico to pay for it wasn’t to solve an immigration crisis, it was to to point a finger at immigrants for dragging us down. The point of replacing food stamps with an archaic food distribution system isn’t to cut costs, but to tell the poor that (after we just gave rich people a bunch of money) they have it too good. Much like professional wrestling, Trump fans can simply choose to believe that his policies are not being staged for their entertainment.




Anyone who didn’t see this coming … well, they’re the same idiots who voted for America’s foremost public grifter, a man who couldn’t turn a profit from a casino resort.


For several years I was on modafinil, and over the course of a year, after I’d hit my deductible, without changing pharmacies or insurance, my payment would vary from as little as $10/month to as much as $600/month. There is no logic.


He didn’t write the law, of course, he just ordered his flying monkeys to “repeal and replace.” I would be very very surprised if Trump had any idea what he signed.

Personally, I think the effects will be much smaller than expected. Much of the bad is predicated on a clever public optimizing their return on investment. Actually, most of the people I talk to know almost nothing about health insurance, and that includes doctors and lawyers. They’re not going to sit down and work out the price difference and compare it to their projected tax penalty. They’re going to buy what looks good on TV.


Putting the ‘sick’ in ‘sick of winning’; just as promised libtards!

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The Republican Party, once again proving government can’t work.


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